PERFORMANCE: The carrying out or fulfillment of a command, duty, purpose, promise, etc. The extent to which an organization’s targets and objectives are achieved. Evaluation, result, achievement, success. A high-performance, competitive company.


Successful development

The company has developed leading-edge expertise in the highly specialized sector of designing, engineering and manufacturing interior components for transport vehicles. To date, business aviation has been the company’s main niche. Since its inception, MSB has spent a great deal of time and effort on research and development in order to provide high-performance products and top-notch services related to refurbishment and completion projects for business and V.I.P. aircraft interiors. Carefully attentive to its customers’ needs, expectations and concerns, MSB has also created exclusive products that skilfully and perfectly meet its clients’ increasing demands.

Research and development

To thrive in a cutting-edge industry, it is essential to monitor new technological developments and master technical aspects and methods. MSB recognizes the importance of investing in order to create incomparable products and achieve its mission: to become an industry leader thanks to its vast expertise and range of highly sought-after customized products and services.

Achieving excellence by getting everyone involved

Research and development is an essential part of the company’s activities. The various sectors work together to develop everyone’s skills and knowledge and break new ground by creating unique products.

Some examples of MSB products:

  • Conference table with telescopic stand
  • Blinds for Dornier, C-130 and 100 CRJ aircraft windows
  • Design for a C-130 V.I.P. aircraft

Impeccable quality

Without a doubt, all of MSB’s achievements share one thing in common: top-notch quality. Quality is a prime concern in the company’s activities. Right from the initial discussion with a prospective client, the quality department ensures strict adherence to applicable standards, from the evaluation until final delivery to the client.

Certified AS9100, the aviation industry’s highest certification, MSB sets high requirements in all areas, whether managing projects, discussing and communicating with stakeholders, selecting suppliers, following up with engineering services or determining material specifications for manufacturing.

“MSB is extremely thorough and has an excellent understanding of the fundamental principles of international quality standards.”
- The firm NQA Canada conducted the AS9100-B/ISO 9001:2000 certification audit.

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